What to expect

Our services begin at 11 AM with a time of worship through singing, then followed by a brief time of announcements, prayer for specific prayer requests that are shared at that time, and the teaching of God’s Word.

Vision + Mission Statement

As a spiritual community worshiping God, we invite unbelievers and believers alike to become part of our family in Christ to help them grow in their faith and actively participate in missionary work to the world while reaching future generations for Christ.

Purpose Statement

To grow deeper and broader in Christ.

Scripture Memorization

Jesus speaks truth in the Gospels:
Link: I Tell You the Truth Flashcards
contains 40 memory verses where Jesus says “I Tell You the Truth”

Learn Why Christianity is True

Learn to defend your faith using reason and evidence.
Connect to Cold Case Christianity where J. Warner Wallace posts a blog, podcasts and a weekly video.

Prayer Patterns

Pray with ACTS (Link)

Believer’s Spiritual Warfare Prayer (Link)

Psalm 91 Prayer (Link)

The P.R.A.I.S.E. Pattern for Prayer (Link)

Daily Prayer (Link)

Lord’s Prayer Pattern (Link)

Prayer Cards (Link)

Meet our Pastor

Pastor Don McMahon

A disciple of Jesus Christ, husband of Carol Ann, father, and grandfather. At 17 years of age, enlisted in the US Coast Guard and served for 28.5 years all over the country. Carol prayed continuously for Don, the Lord sent witnesses, and in 2001 he committed his life to Christ. In 2007, God called him to preach the good news of Jesus. In the USCG Don helped save lives and now he helps save souls. He preaches from God’s holy inspired inerrant word.